JAMES BOND POSTER – Will Time Ever Die

Stephen Hawking as Spector has plans to go back in time with a new device to cure his illness. The outcome is unsure. Will everything happen in a split second and freeze for ever, or will time become liquid and accessible for time travel.

*Alle beeldrechten komen toe aan de tevergeefs gevonden makers.

After reading a short biography of Stephen Hawking in which he writes lightly about quantum mechanics and that he thinks time travel would never be possible, I woke up in the morning with the idea of making him a Bond villain with an opposite story.

A title for the film is not that difficult to come up with... something about Die and Time that is already kind of a theme with Bond. Since I'm clearly not getting any artwork for this poster, I have to do my own research and the main characters in this story aren't hard to find. A good image with enough resolution, on the other hand, is a different story. In the original image James has a different gun that becomes vague at the end of the barrel and is not suitable for the center piece. I removed that and replaced it with another image where everything is sharp and also a clear strong hand.

Three pieces are used in the centerpiece. At the very back is a light blue exploding clock. The fact that it was a clock is no longer visible and is not a problem. This is about the effect. On top of that an image of CERN where they have done tests in the 27 kilometer long Large Hadron Collider in search of elementary particles such as the Higgs particle, also called the God particle and therefore a reference to quantum mechanics. (see LHC)

Ultimately, all on top of a 3D clock that I made in Adobe Dimension. It is clearly not a modern clock and refers to the possible success of Mr. Hawking. The circle gives an accent to the circles already present in the previous images and the gun in the middle. During post-processing, the light was tweaked and a glow was added to increase the contrast with the background.

Zonder synopsis.

The whole is nicely balanced and looks commercial. There are of course many possible versions. Sometimes less is more and more exciting by using only 1 image. But since I have no artwork available and have to tell the story in 1 poster, this was my choice.
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