Find your limid.

No matter what makes you tick.

Whatever style you have.

Always working round the clock.

Or overflowing with ideas.

Or overflowing with ideas.


If you don’t have any idea where you want to go in terms of style.
Or do you have an idea and would like to discuss the implementation.
Stylus creates and executes.


Having a thorough intake interview, we gradually learn more about where you want to go.
The possibilities can be discussed immediately, sometimes it is not necessary to have an extensive site.
Homepage site van Max Koot Studio


When, for example, we design your corporate identity, the look and feel of your logo is often elaborated upon. Once a style has been established, it can be applied to almost any expression you can think of.
Samsung Smart Camera reclame voor de NX300 met Usain Bolt.


A logo gives you recognition at a glance. That it should also be beautiful is open to discussion. The main thing is that when you see the logo, the color and shape are directly linked to your brand.




Finding the right image that fits your style can sometimes be a chore. And then you have that awesome image there’s something in it that you don’t want. It can also be a bit too dark or lacking just that little bit of liveliness.


Coming up with a concept is finding a style and form that best suites and highlights the product and gifs it a face. Stylus creates concepts for starting companies or products that go to market.


It is quite a journey to get assignments as a builder. The competition is a combination of investing in designs, the technical development, the planning and of course the presentation.
Stylus can help with that.